Why to buy the cylinder head manufactured by Jereh

◇ We use same material as that of OEM head to manufacture our cylinder head, it ensures the rugged durability as that of OEM head.

◇ Compared with OEM head, we adopt stricter dimension control on some critical area. Furthermore, we reinforce the weak position, take measures to achieve smoother upper and lower water channel and bring in better cooling result.

◇ What does it mean with all those improvement? It means the head is performed better than OEM head, more reliable and can be repaired for more times! With the longer life time, you can get most value out of the head!

◇ We test all the head by air in hot water strictly according to the OEM standard before they are regarded as qualified.

◇ We offer this OEM quality head at the price of aftermarket, and pass huge cost saves to the customer. The sound quality of the head also contributes to the low operating cost of the vehicle /equipment with its reliability and durability.

We are working hard to take care you in all respects, with the combination of reliability, durability and cost effectiveness, our head is the perfect choice which will exceed your expectation!