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Comparison between rebuilt, remanufactured and new replacement cylinder head

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Rebuilt cylinder head

If you choose rebuilt cylinder head, the rebuilder will use your vehicle's old part and replace just the worn components. If your vehicle's old head cannot be rebuilt because it is too worn, he/she will use a part from another vehicle (referred to as a 'core'). If a core is used, than he will replace only what is needed in the core.

There's just one glitch. Mechanical wear is relative. Before rebuilding, all of the components within the unit are equally worn. After rebuilding, some of the components are new, and some are 'used.' Although the 'used' components still function and do not need replacing, they are worn to some degree.

Such factors as heat stress and cracks, as well as other factors, cause wear that is invisible to the human eye. Consequently, other problems could crop up later, resulting in premature failure of the 'repair.'

Remanufactured cylinder head

What is a remanufactured cylinder head? The term remanufactured usually (not always) refers to a part that, for all practicable purposes, has been completely remanufactured to the standard of a new part.

Remanufactured cylinder heads are rebuilt with many parts and every part in it is serviceable. The cracks in cylinder heads are the most common cylinder heads repair. These heads are pressure tested to find leakages. Most of the heads are repaired by welding. In cylinder head rebuild, first cylinders are checked for leakages and the leakages are welded. New valve seats are installed if required. Valve springs are checked. After this, cylinder heads are resurfaced, reassembled and painted.

Usually the only component from the old head that is used is the body (or casting, usually referred to as a 'core'). And this part is only used if it is in top-notch condition, to assure longevity of the service.
Using a remanufactured cylinder head, mechanical tolerances have been restored either by re-machining, or by installing the necessary mechanical inserts to restore original mechanical tolerances. Either way, the cylinder head meets the standard for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tolerances, durability, and quality.

JEREH’S new replacement head

The new cylinder head produced by JEREH use the same material as that of OEM head, and was built according to the OEM specifications. Stricter dimension control is adapted on critical area. Therefore, it ensures the rugged durability as that of OEM head.

The new cylinder head produced by JEREH is installed with all new valve train parts, such as valves, seats, springs, spring seats, rotocoils, oil seals, and new cam bearings, new injector tubes, as well as new valve guides.

The new replacement head produced by JEREH have No hidden cost, No core charge, No welding on the cylinder head which might cause potential failure under tough working environment.

The new replacement head produced by JEREH is offering OEM quality at the aftermarket price. It passes huge cost save to the customer and its reliability enable the customer to get the best out of their investment.

As a conclusion, the new and improved cylinder head produced by JEREH will be your first choice when your truck needs to change cylinder head.

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